Chairman’s Message

The Asia Training Consortium (ATC) was conceptualized in 2012 by a group of us – like-minded individuals working for different pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations, but all of whom were facing similar challenges in the region. The ATC was then established to serve as a unified platform to share resources in order to efficiently, and cost-effectively provide training and development programs for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals in Asia.

We believe in the strong, positive impact that quality training programs have on knowledge transfer, recruitment and retention strategies, and most importantly, on the business, and strive to make such training programs as easily accessible to the industry as possible.

All our training programs are reviewed by various members on our Steering Committee and Curriculum Working Group to ensure the quality and efficacy in achieving their learning outcomes, only endorsing programs we use in the training and developmental programs of our own teams.

Our ATC collaborative training initiatives are aimed at helping to resolve issues of redundant and duplicate trainings, less than optimal class sizes and lower than ideal training frequencies, all of which are challenges faced by many pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations.

One of my favorite examples is that of a training session we conducted in 2013, with the session led by trainers from the then-RPS and Merck, conducted in the Novartis Shanghai facility, and filled by participants from Astellas.

Through our efforts in adhering to the training standards of leading industry players, we ultimately hope to enhance the number and quality of professionals to meet the resource demands of our industry globally. This will allow the players of our industry to truly focus on the core of their business, creating the medicine for a healthier tomorrow.

Yours Truly,

John Constantine
Executive Director & Dean, Merck Polytechnic Institute
Chairman, Asia Training Consortium